The Women’s Therapy Center (WTC), of Berkeley, California will be closing its doors as of August 31, 2020.  After 40 years of offering psychotherapy services and a relational therapy training program with a social justice framework, WTC has been unable to overcome the devastating financial effects of Covid-19 on our clients and our staff and has faced the larger social problem of ongoing private and public underfunding of women’s mental health services.

We are grateful for the wonderful students, staff, and faculty who have sustained the organization over the years, who created a safe and not always comfortable place to explore the intersections of women’s mental health, racism, class, and gender. We know our legacy will be the hundreds of staff therapists and the thousands of clients who will carry on the values of the organization to help heal our world.

Below are several local referral sources, if you are in need of mental health counseling.
Pacific Center
The Psychotherapy Institute
Wright Institute Counseling Center
Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health
Heart in Balance Counseling Center
Grateful Heart Holistic Counseling Center

Wishing you all health, safety, strength, and vision as you move forward,
WTC Community