Wild, Juicy, Passionate & Free

A Transformative 90 Day Journey for the Visionary Purpose-Driven Woman

Who Is Ready to Reclaim Healthy Sexual Desire, Deep Intimacy & Lasting Love



What would happen if each and every woman on this planet absolutely adored herself?

What would happen if there were no more shame, no more not feeling good enough?  How would it be if we lived in a world in which our bodies were honored, and our sexualities were celebrated?

What if we experienced sex as an outpouring of the beauty and depth of our spirits, and desire was the signpost pointing us towards more joy, pleasure and abundance?  How would our lives be different?  How would the world be different?

I believe that no matter who you are, no matter your age or body type, you absolutely deserve to have a fully passionate intimate life!

I designed Wild, Juicy, Passionate & Free for you – a woman who is ready to create new possibilities in your life.  You are ready to explore new ways to nurture yourself because you want to see just how juicy and rich your life can be.


Wild, Juicy, Passionate & Free is for you, whether you’re single or in a relationship, if…

  • Your life is so full and you’re so busy that you’ve lost track of yourself.  You can barely feel your body, let alone get to your “turn on”.
  • You’re tired of fighting with your partner about sex!  Sex has begun to feel like a chore—the last thing on a long list of “to do’s” that you feel like you’ll never get through.
  • You love and enjoy your intimate partner, but somehow, you feel more like roommates than lovers.  You keep wondering where your passion has gone and how you can recover it.

Igniting Desire is also for you if…

  • You feel in touch with your sexiness, but you suspect that you could be having an even juicier time.
  • You’re single, and you can’t remember the last time you felt truly sexually alive.
  • You long for that raw, searing heat that can come with new love or a new sexual partner.
  • You’re ready to feel new levels of pleasure, aliveness and connection in your life and relationships!


 Why did I create this playshop for you?

As a psychotherapist and relationship expert, many of my clients, both partnered and single,  complain about the lack of satisfying sexual intimacy in their lives, and ask me for tools to help shift:

  • 2115309_sLow sexual desire
  • Sexless relationships
  • Chronic stress and exhaustion that make it hard to feel excited about sex
  • Boredom in bed
  • Chronic fights with their partners about sex
  • Stress and anxiety about the feelings of disconnection they’re experiencing in their relationships

It can start to feel like there’s an epidemic of chronic exhaustion and disconnection brewing.  When we’re stressed, sex is often the first thing to go.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Each of us has the potential to create a truly satisfying relationship with our sexual energy, if we know how.   And it all starts with a few simple practices.

 “I want to start off by saying thank you to Sonya Brewer for sharing part of her amazing gift of healing.  In honesty my partner and I were at out limits, drained and ready to give up. We had lost the fire we once shared for one another. We became strangers to intimacy and desire.   I did not know what to expect but we both felt like Sonya’s workshop Igniting Desire could be of help and so therefore decided to join in. Sonya was so inviting and extremely welcoming, her presence alone seemed to calm and invite the class closer.  […]In such a brief moment Sonya was able to not only help me regain my direction but also to help me and my partner crave one another’s touch physically and emotionally.   I feel honored and blessed to have had the chance to partake in such a healing workshop. I have such clarity and a new found love for life and my partner.   Thank You.”  Natascha Davis, Workshop Participant

During Igniting Desire, you will…

  • Renew your connection with your body
    • Identify what gets in the way of your embracing your erotic power
    • Begin learning to hear and trust your body’s messages
    • Learn a simple practice for enlivening your body and increasing your capacity for pleasure
  • Reclaim your juiciness
    • Connect with your creative potential through the power of sexual desire
    • Get honest about your needs and desires, and practice asking for what you want
    • Open to receiving more of what you long for
  • Ignite your sexual passion!
    • Learn 5 practical techniques for deepening intimacy and awakening passion
    • Embody the 7 keys to awakening sexual desire
    • Step into a new paradigm where you honor your body and celebrate your inherent sexiness

The benefits of these practices, over time, are many.  You can…

  • 12253311_sLearn how to deepen and enhance your intimate relationships.
  • Live more deeply and fully in your body.
  • Heal sexual trauma
  • Expand your capacity for joy and pleasure
  • And… have better, more fulfilling sex

 I’m, by nature, really shy and awkward in intimate space. And so it was really a stretch for me. But I was instantly comfortable. […] And the impact, that was so beautiful, was the way it opened my heart. Within a very short time, and continuing throughout the class, and even moving forward into my life… how much love I was able to feel for the people who were around me… just a pure unconditional love based on me opening my heart and being in a room full of other people who were opening their hearts. That was my first time experiencing that. And it was really profound and really beautiful and it just opened up a whole pandora’s box of curiosity for me[…] you know … wanting to know more about this space that, on first blush, looks so strange, and, experientially, feels so yummy. “ Tarita Gans Thomas, Workshop Participant

I know that it is possible for each of us to experience wild, juicy passion!  And my wish for you is that you access the profound joy and pleasure that’s available to you through your body, when you want… not just at the beginning of a new relationship!

This work will teach you how to begin to use desire to guide you towards greater satisfaction in all areas of your life, not just your sex life.  So, I invite you to embrace your desire as a gift, a teacher.  Let desire be a barometer for how much pleasure is possible in your life experience.  From this perspective, sexual desire is “Life” waking up inside of you… waiting to bless you with all that it has to offer.  Why not let it?

 “I have taken a few workshops on Sexuality and Desire prior to Sonya’s. What impressed me so about Sonya was her vulnerability and sincere desire to help you heal. She guided us through the processes with sensitivity and compassion. It felt safe to be with her. Her empowering techniques helped me have more confidence about my sexuality. For this I am truly grateful.”  Moya Norvell, Workshop Participant


Your Daylong Includes:

  • A daylong  group intensive  in-person with me where I’ll walk you step-by-step through my proprietary “Ignite Your Desire” program
  • One follow-up celebration tele-session (Via teleconference.  Recording will be available if you are unable to attend) to support you in continuing to integrate what you learned during your retreat, and answer any questions that have emerged since the retreat.
  • Membership in my private Facebook Group, The Desire Salon, where we’ll continue our conversations about desire, and you’ll support each other to continue deepening in your pleasure journeys.

Here are the details…

When: April 2017

Where: TBD

How much: I’ve restructured this workshop, and am really excited to try out the new format.

Who: Women, all sexual identities and orientations welcomed.  Space is limited.



  • This retreat is physically engaging.  Come prepared to move.  All activities will be modified to support a range of abilities and capacities.  Workshop is wheelchair accessible and scent-free.
  • Though we are working with our own sexual energies, no overt or explicit sex or nudity is suggested or allowed.  All practices are fully clothed, and can be done whether you are single or with a partner.
  • Some medical conditions and medications will inhibit your access to certain levels of physical sensation.  It is still possible to benefit from this program.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
  • If you are currently experiencing any significant mental health symptoms (e.g. psychosis, depression, mania or suicidal thoughts, or other acute symptoms) or have experienced such symptoms in the past year, please consult with me before registering.
  • If you have chronic or recurring heart, circulatory system or breathing conditions, or are epileptic, please consult with me before registering.

Sonya Brewer Headshot

About Sonya Brewer

Sonya Brewer, MA, is a body-centered psychotherapist and relationship expert in Albany, CA, where she specializes in helping women, couples, and partners of all sorts create extraordinary relationships.  She loves helping people feel more alive, connected and authentic in their lives and relationships, while also bringing their gifts to the world.  Sonya brings a wide breadth of experience including in-depth training in somatic psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies, training in relational psychotherapy at the Women’s Therapy Center, and extensive training in trauma recovery through Generative Somatics.  Sonya’s work is also deeply influenced by training and experience in bodywork, dance, and mindfulness meditation as well as over fifteen years of study and explorations in the realm of sacred sexuality.  She has taught workshops on embodied living and sacred sexuality, and  appears in the film “Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra for Women Who Love Women” by Betsy Kalin.  To learn more, visit www.sonyabrewer.com.  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist # 89901.