What Clients Say

What Current and Former Clients Have Said in an Anonymous Client Feedback Survey

(All identifying information has been removed for confidentiality purposes.)

About Individual Therapy…

“I have never been heard at the level I have been heard and seen as I have in Sonya’s care.”

“I have never felt judged by anything I say to her. That has been an important part of my ability to be open with my thoughts and feelings.”

“It’s amazing to be challenged and see and feel the merit in it so quickly.”

“Sitting in her office is one of the safest environments, both comfortable and calm.”

“I always feel like she’s my biggest cheerleader. It’s wonderful to know that I will ALWAYS have someone on my team.”

“Over the last few years working with Sonya I have noticed I have gained so much more control over my anxiety.”

“Sonya listened to me and gave me homework assignments which caused me to “do” more than just “think”. I usually stay in my head (too much) and the homework assignments caused me to take action. I have been trying to maintain this (“doing” instead of only “thinking”) since coming to therapy. I actually found this method to be better than what I had been doing. I also found that thinking too hard and long causes me more aggravation than simply taking a step forward.”

“I can share thoughts and feelings, much more freely than I could before. In the past I had a tendency to get hung up on things I thought I “should” be doing not really understanding the extra pressure I was putting on myself. She’s helped me deal with my perfectionist tendencies, which also helped my anxiety, thus other areas in my life.”

“She has helped me to me. It is my relationship with myself that has depend. I am so grateful.”

“I had no idea that it would be as helpful as it has been, AND at the same time I KNEW it would be a huge help. Her support has gone way beyond my expectations!”

“I don’t know if I would be the woman I am today with out her.”

“She has a great gift. I am grateful that she has chosen to share it with the world.”

“[I gained] a deeper understanding of my fear of intimacy and of why, tools for taking care of myself when I feel triggered, how to slow my responses down.”

“I learned to live “outside” my head. I learned to take a step forward. I learned that I can speak up and speak freely – that there is no need for me to hold in my thoughts and feelings.”

“sonya gave me some tools to help in moments where i’m having trouble where a lot of other therapy i’ve had offered nothing to really to hold on to and use in difficult moments. i don’t beat myself up as much as i did before meeting with sonya. more self compassion. my general relationship to myself is better.”

“I have learned to pause and feel. Feel with my body as the leader.  I have learned to not be scared of feeling. Mainly, I have learned that when I feel the pain, it dissipates, it does not get worst. I have learned to trust what I feel even if I don’t always understand it.”

“She has always been very understanding and compassionate. That has helped me feel unconditionally supported.”

“Just coming to Sonya was a big step for me because I had been thinking about coming to therapy for so long. Sonya made me feel comfortable enough to open up and she pointed out things to me that I hadn’t noticed. Which helped me take a look at myself and start to deal with it/me.”

“I have gained som much more insight and trust in myself. Sonys has been such an empathic and sensitive therapist. She has helped me with somatic therapy and given me great tools that have helped me to learn to return to my core/center. this has been a wonderful experience.”

“I’m really impressed with her skill and understanding. For me, it is helpful to blend physical movement with talking so that I can understand how my brain is wired, and stop with negative habits. I’m growing new abilities to take care of myself. I’m very grateful.”

“Watching Sonya and exchanging with her makes me proud to be a woman!”

“I now make decisions a lot quicker. I speak up for myself quicker too. And, I remember that I have opinions and that my opinions are important too.”

“I have learned to trust and be more thankful for my intuition.”

“i slow down in moments where i’d usually just feel fight or flight and think about what she and i have worked on and i realize that i have more choices besides fight or flight.”

“I won’t waste so much time living in my head, which frees up time for me to enjoy my life, instead of re-thinking and pondering what I could be doing or could have said or done.”

“The more I am growing, the more I am pushing out draining experiences. There is some upheaval in my life as I am removing bad relationships, and with time it seems to be that better opportunities are moving in.”

“It has helped me to have relationships from the present moment. Rather than from my past and with ghosts. I am awake and I am conscious. I am willing to feel my way back because I know that there is a way back thanks to Sonya.”

It brings peace in my life. I can feel my anger without acting on it which makes my life better and my loved ones’ life better.

“When I started with Sonya, I was in a relationship that was destroying my sense of self. Today, I am with a better partner and I use the tools Sonya gave me to welcome love and caring. With Sonya, I have learned how people who love each other treat each other with compassion and respect.”

About Relationship Therapy…

“Even when I thought I wanted to just be right Sonya’s focus was always on whatever was right for the upliftment of our understanding of one another. It was the higher right. The one that held us both. That is what is important to me.”

“Oh my God. I don’t know that we would have made it at all as far as we have.  We, all 3 of us Sonya, myself and my partner work very hard. It has been a great benefit. This work with Sonya has given us tools and language that we previously didn’t have. We have a ways to go, and we are on our way.”

“I am completely satisfied with the service Sonya provides to me, to my mate, and to me AND my mate. She is truly helping us help ourselves to strengthen our marriage, our relationship, our selves, AND our families.”

“centering in self for authentic responses to challenges in relationships finding my nos and yeses and somatic exercises identifying my partner and I’s triggers and being more proactive in identifying and allowing for new experiences to arise.”

“Able to more openly discuss my true, deeper feelings with my partner, even though she is very smart and skillful in listening, not listening, and appearing to listen!!!  Being able to more openly share affection, sensuality, and sexuality with her.  Being blocked up emotionally made it difficult for me to reach out to her.”

“an opportunity to walk through challenging moments gently, thoughtfully and compassionately more self awareness and awareness of my partner’s tender spots opportunity to develop more skill at expressing what is important to me in a less defensive way.”

“An overall sense of wellness. I am forever grateful to Sonya, she is a masterful healer and incredible adept at holding balanced space with Me and my partner.”

“sonya has helped me be a better communicator in my relationship.”

“I’ve learned to listen better in arguments and interrupt myself when I am saying unhelpful things. I have better language and strategies for stopping arguments before they spiral into an unproductive place. I have been able to feel more understanding and compassion for my partner’s needs and experience.”

“Connecting more deeply with my partner. Listening to her more. WORKING on not reacting so quickly when she says something I don’t like or feel comfortable with.”