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How do I increase my sense of safety

Written by on March 23, 2022 in Self Care, Skills for Embodied Living with 0 Comments
How do I increase my sense of safety

As you know, we are talking a lot about boundaries as we prepare for the launch of my new program, Badass Boundaries for Overachieving Trauma Survivors, and I’m hearing from many of you about your boundary challenges and questions. Some of your questions have been so good, that I just couldn’t wait. So I decided to respond to a few here in my blog over the coming weeks.

So this post is in response to the person who asked how to increase their sense of safety so they can stay present when it’s time to make a boundary. They said that when they need to make a boundary, they find themselves going kind of numb and disconnecting, and they wanted to stay present and connected, in particular with their loved ones, when they needed to set a limit.

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