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If you are a current client, feel free to request your desired appointment option below.  If you are having trouble finding a time that works for your schedule, please email me at

If you are a prospective client, please note I am not currently accepting new individual OR relationship therapy clients at this time.

If you would like to be added to my waiting list, please click here.

Other information:

If you are thinking about working with me, please schedule the complimentary phone consultation first.  Once we’ve spoken on the phone, we can move forward with scheduling your first in-person visit.

*Please note: Your requested appointment time is not confirmed until you receive an appointment confirmation email from me.


If you would like to be added to my waiting list, please click here.

If you would like a referral to another therapist, you can contact any of the therapists I’ve listed below (these are folks whose work I highly respect and who have openings as of October 2, 2018):

For individual therapy:

Elizabeth Ohito (poc)

Jennifer Chen Speckman (poc, somatic, trauma-informed)

Sauntoy Trotter (poc, somatic, trauma-informed, works with adolescents and adults).  Contact me to see about referral.  She has very limited openings.

Ariana Waynes (poc, somatic, trauma-informed)

Dani Worth 510-859-7212 (white, somatic, trauma-informed, eating disorders and addictions specialist)

For relationship therapy:

Annie Chen (poc, relationship therapy expert, limited openings)

Elizabeth Ohito (poc, relationship therapy specialist)

Jennifer Chen Speckman (poc, somatic, trauma-informed)