Relationship Therapy

Ongoing conflict in your intimate relationships can leave you feeling disconnected and hopeless. It’s so exhausting getting into the same fight over and over again without any resolution.

You feel ready to shift they dynamics in your relationship, but you don’t know where to start…

Relationship therapy is a way to breathe new life into your intimate  relationships, while making more room for your differences so that you can grow and flourish together rather than being at odds.

I offer ongoing psychotherapy and  private relationship retreats for… 

  • Couples
  • Poly “moresomes”

To support you in…

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

  • Communicating Authentically with Ease
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • “Fighting Fair” & Using The Gifts Inherent in Conflict to Deepen and Invigorate Your Connections
  • Creating More Collaborative Work Relationships

Celebrating Diverse Families 
(Multicultural, Straight & LGBTQI, Blended, Poly)

  • Facilitating Nourishing Dynamics in Multi-Ethnic Families
  • Healing Cross-Generational Adult Family Relationships
  • Creating and Sustaining Polyamorous Families

Navigating Family Transitions

  • Preparing for a New Life Together
  • Honoring Separations & Divorces
  • Launching Young Adults
  • Developing Collaborative Co-Parenting Styles
  • Navigating Grief & Loss

Inviting Eros Into Your Life & Intimate Relationships

  • Deepening Intimacy
  • Infusing More Passion into Your Sex Life
  • Reclaiming the Sacred in Sexuality
  • Nourishing Deeper, More Embodied Sensual Selves

To learn more, please call me at (510) 496-6010.