Reclaiming Your Erotic Power

A Transformational 9-Week Journey Exploring

The Art of Sexual Freedom for Women


What would it be like to truly own your erotic power… to manifest sexual desire on YOUR terms?

What would it be like to fully inhabit your body in a way that allows your sexual energy to be a source of creativity, inspiration and strength?

What would happen if you felt truly confident and free in your sexuality? What would it look like?  What would it feel like?

What if sex were for you?  Meaning… you weren’t doing it to satisfy something outside of yourself.  You weren’t responding to someone else’s demands, or thoughts about what you should do.  You enjoyed sex because it nourished something deep within you.

What if your sexual energy could be signpost pointing you towards more…

more joy

more pleasure

more power

more confidence

more freedom

more abundance


How would your life be different? 


“The new women’s revolution is an evolution from being other-focused to inner-focused.  When our attention is trapped by fearful should, what ifs, and don’ts, we scatter our energy and struggle with knowing what is authentic for us.  When we bring our attention back to discovering who we are on the inside—not who we wish we were or who we think we should be—we begin a sacred path of transformation toward our innate, authentic, embodied power. (Heartherash Amara, Warrior Goddess Training, p. xvi)”


Good sex is powerful medicine.  It’s good for the soul.  It’s good for the spirit. If there is anything that can break through blocks to feeling powerful, it’s ecstasy.

When I’m talking about sex, I’m not just talking about genital stimulation.  And when I’m talking about sex being for you, I’m not talking about solo masturbation or suggesting that you don’t get to share your incredible juiciness with others (though solo sex can indeed be very powerful).  Of course you get to share!

But with this sharingyou’re sharing from your own center of gravity.  What’s amazing about erotic energy is that when you share from your own center, it doesn’t diminish your sexual connection with others.  It amplifies it.  Because there is more of you available from which to source the powerful life force energy that comes forth when you fully embody your sexual power.  That’s part of the gift of reclaiming your the erotic for yourself.


I designed Reclaiming Your Erotic Power for you:

a visionary purpose-driven woman who is ready

to fully experience and embrace the power of your own erotic potential


Reclaiming Your Erotic Power is for you, whether you’re single or in a relationship, if…

  • Your life is so full and you’re so busy that you’ve lost track of yourself.  You can barely feel your body, let alone get to your “turn on”.
  • You’re very successful in your professional life, but can’t quite figure out how to feel the same sense of success in your personal life, especially when it comes to sex and desire.
  • You love and enjoy your intimate partner, but somehow, you feel more like roommates than lovers.  You keep wondering where your passion has gone and how you can recover it.
  • You love sex, and you miss it!  You wake up saying to yourself, “What happened to my sex life? I want more!”
  • Sex feels like a chore—the last thing on a long list of “to do’s” that you feel like you’ll never get through.
  • You’re single, and you can’t remember the last time you felt truly sexually alive.
  • You partnered, and you long for that raw, searing heat that can come with new love or a new sexual partner… but you want it with you current partner.
  • You’re ready to feel a new level of pleasure, aliveness and connection in your life and relationships!

Why did I create this course for you?

Many women come to me complaining about your lack of sexual desire or attraction.  You come looking for tools that will help you find your “turn on”.  Although there are sometimes biological factors at play, I find that often, when issues of desire discrepancy or low levels of sexual intimacy are on the table, women are often working against themselves by trying to generate sexual energy from a context of depletion, exhaustion, stress and overwhelm.

For many women, particularly in long term relationships, your access to feelings of sexual desire and attraction feels like a mystery, something you have no control over.  You, then, end up feeling like something is wrong with you for not being able to spontaneously feel sexual, particularly when you’re in long term relationships.

This idea, that you should be able to spontaneously feel sexual, is one of the many myths that set women up to feel a sense of failure around your sexuality. I’m here to help you understand that there’s nothing wrong with you.  You are not broken, and there’s nothing that needs to be fixed.

In Reclaiming Your Erotic Power, you will learn how to understand your desire on your terms, so that finding your turn on will no longer feel like a mystery.  Once you understand the brilliance of how women’s brains and bodies process sexual information, you will begin to understand how best to access your own sexual energy and power.  In addition you’ll learn tools and techniques that help you put your new learnings into practice so that you’re relating to your sexuality in a way that works for your body.

I also know that the most empowering way for you to deepen your learning about sex is in a circle of other courageous women who are also embracing their sexual power.

There’s a well of fuel in you ready to be used in service of your highest aspirations, and the key lies in liberating your erotic self.

“For once we begin to feel deeply all the aspects of our lives, we begin to demand from ourselves and from our life-pursuits that they feel in accordance with that joy which we know ourselves to be capable of.  Our erotic knowledge empowers us, becomes a lens through which we scrutinize all aspects of our existence, forcing us to evaluate those aspects honestly in terms of their relative meaning within our lives.  And this is a grave responsibility, projected from within each of us, not to settle for the convenient, the shoddy, the conventionally expected, nor the merely safe.” Audre Lorde


During Reclaiming Your Erotic Power, you will…

  • Make a commitment to your sexual freedom
    • Identify what gets in the way of your embracing your erotic power and start clearing it
  • Renew your connection with your body
    • Begin learning to hear and trust your body’s messages
    • Experience your body as a resource on the journey to greater sexual freedom
    • Learn a simple practice for enlivening your body and increasing your capacity for pleasure
  • Reconnect with your boundaries
    • Get honest about your needs and desires
    • Practice asking for what you want
    • Open to receiving more of what you long for
  • Embody the 7 keys to awakening sexual desire
    • Take charge of your sexual energy by understanding your Personal Erotic Blueprint™
    • Master 5 practical techniques for having better, more fulfilling sex
  • Reclaim your erotic power
    • Connect with your creative potential through the power of sexual desire
    • Celebrate your confidence as a sexually empowered woman
    • Step into a new paradigm where you honor your body and claim your sexual authority


The benefits of these practices, over time, are many.  You can…

  • Learn how to deepen and enhance your intimate relationships.
  • Live more deeply and fully in your body.
  • Feel more powerful and confident in your life.
  • Heal sexual trauma
  • Expand your capacity for joy and pleasure
  • And… have better, more fulfilling sex

Your Course Includes:

  • 3  live group daylong intensives  in-person with me
  • 4 live group coaching calls
  • Complementary Access to Wild, Juicy, Passionate & Free, my new online course about embracing desire, awakening to joy, and allowing sexual energy to be a catalyst for liberation and creativity in your life


  • 2-for-1 access to my next Cultivating Healthy Boundaries Workshop 
  • Membership in my private Facebook Group, The Desire Salon, where we’ll continue our conversations about sex, power and desire, and support each other to continue deepening in our pleasure journeys.

Here are the details…

When: Daylong Intensives – To be scheduled

Group Coaching Calls (recordings will be available) – To be scheduled

Where: Location to be announced, San Francisco, CA Bay Area – East Bay

Who: Women of all genders, sexual identities, orientations and relationship styles welcomed.  Space is limited!  Interview is required.


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Sonya Brewer Headshot

Sonya Brewer, MA, is a body-centered psychotherapist and relationship expert in Albany, CA, where she specializes in helping women, couples, and partners of all sorts create extraordinary relationships.  She loves helping people feel more alive, connected and authentic in their lives and relationships, while also bringing their gifts to the world.  Sonya brings a wide breadth of experience including in-depth training in somatic psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies, training in relational psychotherapy at the Women’s Therapy Center, and extensive training in trauma recovery through Generative Somatics, Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  Sonya’s work is also deeply influenced by training and experience in bodywork, dance, and mindfulness meditation as well as almost 20 years of study and explorations in the realm of sacred sexuality.  She has taught workshops on embodied living and sacred sexuality, and appears in the film “Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra for Women Who Love Women” by Betsy Kalin.  To learn more, visit  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist # 89901.