Three Keys to Awakening Sexual Desire for Women

What would it be like to truly own your erotic power… to manifest sexual desire on YOUR terms?

What would it be like to fully inhabit your body in a way that allows your sexual energy to be a source of creativity, inspiration and strength?

What would happen if you felt truly confident and free in your sexuality? What would it look like?  What would it feel like?

What if sex were for you?  Meaning… you weren’t doing it to satisfy something outside of yourself.  You weren’t responding to someone else’s demands, or thoughts about what you should do.  You enjoyed sex because it nourished something deep within you.

It is possible to have a fully passionate intimate life!

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Sonya Brewer Headshot

Sonya Brewer, MA, is a body-centered psychotherapist and relationship expert in Albany, CA, where she specializes in helping women, couples, and partners of all sorts create extraordinary relationships.  She loves helping people feel more alive, connected and authentic in their lives and relationships, while also bringing their gifts to the world.  Sonya brings a wide breadth of experience including in-depth training in somatic psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies, training in relational psychotherapy at the Women’s Therapy Center, and extensive training in trauma recovery through Generative Somatics, Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  Sonya’s work is also deeply influenced by training and experience in bodywork, dance, and mindfulness meditation as well as almost 20 years of study and explorations in the realm of sacred sexuality.  She has taught workshops on embodied living and sacred sexuality, and appears in the film “Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra for Women Who Love Women” by Betsy Kalin.  To learn more, visit  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist # 89901.