Sonya Brewer

Sonya Brewer, MA, is a body-centered psychotherapist, somatic coach and relationship specialist in Albany, CA, where she specializes in creative life and relationship design for “out the box” thinkers (and “feelers”).

She loves helping quirky people find their creative voice and express their unique ways of being so that they can feel more alive, connected and authentic in their lives and relationships, while also bringing their gifts to the world.

Sonya brings over twenty years of experience, backed by in-depth training in somatic psychology, relational psychotherapy, relationship therapy and somatic coaching as taught by Generative Somatics and the Strozzi Institute, as well as training in trauma recovery through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing Institutes. Sonya's body-based work is also deeply influenced by a lifetime of experience as a dancer, years of mindfulness meditation practice, and training and experience as a professional bodyworker.

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #89901

Sustaining Eroticism in Long Term Relationships

Written by on December 17, 2013 in Love, Relationships, Sexuality, Skills for Embodied Living with 4 Comments

I recently posted this TED talk with Ester Perel, author of Mating in Captivity, on Facebook.  She’s talking about how to sustain desire in long term relationships.  I really enjoyed the talk because she did such a good job naming the impediments to maintaining a satisfying level of sexual intimacy over time. Often when I’m […]

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Cultivating Healthy Boundaries

Written by on December 4, 2013 in Relationships, Skills for Embodied Living with 0 Comments
Cultivating Healthy Boundaries

It seems obvious to most people that boundaries are a necessary part of life.  We say “yes” to some things and “no” to others.  Yet many of us struggle to say no, especially when it feels like that “no” threatens to hurt an important relationship. Often when I first start working with someone around having […]

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Gratitude Day

Written by on November 29, 2013 in Cultural Studies, Skills for Embodied Living with 0 Comments

I just watched this video of time-lapse photography, accompanied by words from Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, and I decided to share it. I’ve been thinking a lot about  the mythology surrounding the American Thanksgiving holiday.  It is beautiful to devote a day to the practice of thanks-giving… of offering gratitude for the land on […]

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Just tell the truth, why don’t cha!

Written by on June 5, 2013 in Love, Open Relationships, Polyamory, Relationships with 0 Comments

It seems like it should be easy, telling the truth.  Most people start their open relationships assuming that truth-telling is a no-brainer. That’s the point of being polyamorous, right?  You get to be open and honest about your multiple attractions and love interests. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out to be so easy.  Where is […]

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Getting Off to a Good Start with Open Relationships

Written by on September 5, 2012 in Open Relationships, Polyamory, Psychotherapy, Relationships with 0 Comments

One of the questions I get asked over and over again by people embarking on the path of responsible non-monogamy is, “How does it actually work?”  It can sound like a great idea in principle, but in practice?  So I’ve decided to devote my next few posts to exploring some of the essential skills that […]

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Monogamy vs. Polyamory?

I just finished reading a recent blog post by Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotionally-Focused Couple’s Therapy, entitled “Is Monogamy Just a Myth or Is It Possible?”  Despite being shocked by the question (is she really questioning whether monogamy is possible?), I was intrigued to see where she would go with it because I am […]

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