The Art of Intimacy

Where Thoughtful, Progressive Couples Learn How to

Increase Connection, Reignite Passion

& Experience the Joy of Intimate Partnership Again!


The Art of Intimacy is for you if you’re an established couple, and…
  • You’re committed to staying together, but you’ve lost that special “spark”.
  • You used to feel so close, but now you kinda feel like you’re living with your roommate instead of your beloved.  You long for the days when you felt passionate about your relationship, and you miss the physical intimacy you once shared.
  • You’re tired of getting into the same old fight again and again, without ever feeling resolved

You CAN have the passion and intimacy you long for…  Why suffer through loneliness, disconnection and heartache when you can take steps today to resurrect your loving connection?  Don’t let relationship neglect continue to erode your bond.  The time to reclaim your juiciness and move towards deeper intimacy and connection is now!

The Art of Intimacy will help you…
  • Begin to interrupt the repetitive cycle of disconnection that plagues your relationship
  • Understand each other more so that you begin to pre-empt those relationship hot spots that keep causing trouble between you
  • Get honest about your needs and desires and practice asking for what you want in relationship
  • Open to receiving more of what you long for
  • Explore practices for deepening intimacy and awakening passion
  • Breathe new life into your intimate partnership

When: Live Group Intensives Febuary 3, March 3, and April 7, 2018 10am – 5pm

Where: Rudramandir, Berkeley, CA